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Our CAMA software is developed based on IAAO & USPAP industry standards. With over 30 years of proven relational data modeling and standard value approaches, you will have access to unmatched reporting capability. This means that you will always have the valuation information you need to deliver reliable, accurate, and defensible results.

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Technology evolves at a fast pace, and many jurisdictions worry about the upgrade and licensing fees associated with future platform installations. We want you to focus on your office and not worry about upgrade costs, so our engineers will handle upgrades throughout your contract. This helps you stay at the forefront of technology while also controlling the Total Cost of Ownership since your jurisdiction will not have to repurchase software or go through complicated data conversions.

Software For Life

Jurisdictions deserve the best software, and this is why we offer complimentary upgrades for prescribed software and technologies. As long as you are on an active maintenance contract, you will not be forced to upgrade or migrate. This means that your jurisdiction will have the latest platforms for the life of your partnership with Harris Govern.

Harris Govern CAMA Features

Appraisal technologies are essential for many areas of public operations because they are the basis for property valuation and taxation. We know that your staff needs an efficient and secure way to conduct property valuation.

Our CAMA software is perfect because it is developed to help Assessors/Appraisers achieve consistent and reliable property data with assistance in all stages of the property appraisal process.


Data Gathering

Building an accurate valuation report for any parcel starts by collecting property characteristics like location, improvement data, and land records.

Your CAMA software is only as good as the data that is entered into it. That is why our CAMA software comes with integrated resources for assisting with uniform data collection and validation.

The property appraisal process, including assessment administration and property maintenance, is dynamic because it takes into account several variables. For an Appraiser, this is a time-consuming process, and without careful management at each step, documents can be misplaced.

It is essential that Assessors have the tools they need to generate property values using cost, market, and income approaches for commercial, residential, and industrial properties.

Our CAMA software offers several features to facilitate this process, including:

Multimedia/Document Tracking

Link pictures, videos, images, PDFs, and other formats for an unlimited amount of parcels and associated documents. This means all property information is organized for easy access and efficient sharing across your entire team.

Property Valuation Management

Simulate, compare, and maintain property valuations for all three approaches - cost, market and income - simultaneously using our integrated modeling, mass calculation, and custom reporting tools.


Enjoy convenient traceable override functionality as needed across your team by recording adjustments, start date, and multiple levels of overrides. This means key staff members can implement more oversight with each assessment, and your team will enjoy better override processes.

Integrated Modeling

Once developed, an appraiser will apply a valuation model to all properties within a specific class or subclass. This step assures that all properties within a particular class or subclass are treated fairly and equally.

Data Visualization

View different layers of influences like water lines, flood areas, and zoning with other data sources integrated right into the CAMA software. As a result, you can visually see vital information using GIS-based maps.

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    Changing our CAMA system was nothing short of a major decision. The current successes of our project are only possible because of Harris Governs’ support and contribution. Thank you, and please keep up the great work!

Maximize Efficiencies With Harris Govern CAMA

CAMA software enables your team to work faster, empowering your members to do more with less time and resources. This means that you can accomplish more with your current staff without the need to hire more staff in the future!


We know that your team needs to make decisions based on accurate data, this is why we designed our CAMA software to include dashboard access for different users based on their needs. This means that users will have access to dashboards related to tax accounts, licenses, tax types, or even full dashboard access.

    • Make data accessible to users, supervisors, and managers alike.
    • Trigger a proactive look at your data rather than a reactive reporting on it.
    • Build your own dashboards to proactively uncover any discrepancies in billing, filing, or misfiling.


Third-Party Integrations

Use third-party Business Intelligence (BI) tools that your jurisdiction might require. Examples of BI tools used by other clients include Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services, and others.

Link Accounts

CAMA uses a centralized database that provides the capability to link accounts for personal property, real property, and business property on a parcel by parcel and/or owner by owner basis for both analysis and reporting purposes.

Standardized or Customized

Versions of our software can provide a series of standard reports where users have the ability to edit or create their reports. Once a report is configured, users can add various selection or range parameters using any and all fields in the report as search criteria or output.

Greater Efficiencies

CAMA allows you to reach maximum efficiency without the need for complex analysis, querying, searching or reporting, and dependencies on other resources. Your team members can easily compare year-over-year data in an instantaneous data view. Define your revenue forecast for a particular year and compare it to actual collections by tax type or overall.

Some of the ways that CAMA helps improve efficiencies include:

  • Maintains unlimited building inventory items with a flexible model design.
  • Allows for actual or simulated economical comparisons with various adjustments.
  • Employs vector-based sketching with multiple sketches per property.
  • Enables your Appraisers to perform all appraisal functions in the field.
  • Provides enhanced security and what-if scenarios.

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