Online Services

Empower your office with a complete, integrated service proven to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and support secure communications. Our Harris Govern Online (HGO) service offers the tools needed to connect citizens and professionals to promote self-sufficiency through an online environment.

Account Management

HGO was built from the ground up to help taxpayers, representatives, and entities find information and address their questions through a secure authenticated user account system.


The services offered online allow your office to focus on business processes while citizens are still supported with directed resources.

Database Integration

Our online service is directly integrated with your client database so each process is streamlined and supported to reduce the risk of data entry error. Data entered online updates the client database with a secure scheduled process.

Application Filing

HGO allows taxpayers and representatives to intuitively apply for exemptions, assume authority, file value protests and applications through the online service. Our tools help support your team’s efficiency with flexibility so you can scale with the needs of your citizens.

Notice & Statement Presentation

Taxpayers and representatives will have access to the published value notices and tax statements generated by our software. Presenting the documents online provides quicker access and saves time and money.

Property Tax Payment Processing

Our service provides access to a central property information database to help simplify the payment process. Your team will enjoy the ability to automatically compute all taxes and bills, and you can use automation tools for data entry and secure payment options.

Serving Entities

Taxing authorities will be able to provide information and produce output through our self-service portal to comply with legislative requirements. The services offered online allow your office to foster relationships, maintain compliance and take advantage of the efficiency provided by an online environment.

Entity Tax Rate Calculation

Your office is able to provide taxing authorities and responsible parties with secure access to calculate and publish tax rate information. The service produces required output for publishing tax rates, public hearing notices and final adopted rate according to the legislative requirements.

Property Truth-in-Taxation

Ensure legislative compliance by taking advantage of the complete Property Truth-in-Taxation service. By coordinating with taxing authorities who provide information, you facilitate taxpayer education and allow easy online retrieval of property and tax rate information.


In addition to services supporting your tax base and taxing jurisdictions, HGO is built for modern web experiences; taking advantage of options citizens (taxpayers) are familiar with.

Single Sign-On

Using single sign-on integration supported by most social media sites you can reduce the need to manage logins and user accounts while still supporting secure access.

Hosted Environment

Protect your database with HGO’s separate hosted environment for the online services, ensuring security & reducing risk.

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