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Do you need an extension of your IT Department? Do you need an IT Department, period? Let Harris Govern assist you. Harris Govern offers comprehensive IT Services for Disaster Recovery, Email, Offsite Backups, Server and End-User Support. We can even host your servers in our data center. We want to be your single vendor software!


Turnkey services include:

Server Support

Remote support of all servers including all warranty coordination with your manufacturer. With two included visits, never pay on-site or travel time for server migrations.

Server Monitoring

Proactively monitor any hardware integrity, software service, or actionable events that may occur on your server(s).

End-User Support

Remote and phone support for all end-users and business-related hardware and software. Unlimited troubleshooting including manufacturer warranty coordination.

Server Hosting

Access your servers without the hassle of on-site hardware. All server management, including backups, is handled for you so you can focus on what you do best and leave the server stuff to us.

Disaster Recovery

With Harris Govern Disaster Recovery services, you notonly save time and money but are able to conduct business in the event of a catastrophic event. We keep a current copy of your server in our data center. In the event of a disaster, we have the server activated and ready to resume your daily work. All you need is an internet connection. As a plus, this brings you one step closer to being MAPS Compliant. With a concurrent copy of your server(s) available, your office is back up and running within hours after disaster strikes. Pay nothing to rebuild your server after a disaster.

Offsite Backups

Malware attacks and Phishing emails have become a dangerous, yet unavoidable threat in the digital age. The best protection is security awareness, erring on the side of caution, ensuring you have updated anti-virus protection, and conducting regular backups to your database. What happens if you lose your server and the backup tapes at the same time? Offsite Backups are required by MAPS. We can help with a competitive, reliable software that doesn’t have you driving to an offsite location to drop off tapes on a regular basis.


All the benefits you’ve come to know and love about Microsoft Exchange email at a fraction of the cost. Up to 100GB of mail storage. 150MB email attachments. Unlimited archive storage available. Hosted, cloud based exchange server managed by Harris Govern.

Software and License Renewals

Harris Govern can assist your office in purchasing new and renewal licenses to meet your IT needs:

  • Antivirus
  • Backup Management
  • Microsoft Windows and SQL
  • SonicWALL services and others


Harris Govern is a Dell authorized reseller and can supply PC and server equipment. We perform a remote survey to ensure we get you the right amount of equipment, and don’t over or undersell what you need. We purchase all equipment directly from Dell. We also sell 3rd party peripherals such as Scanners, Cash drawers, Microphones for ARB, Barcode readers, and Printers.

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