We offer a wide range of online services to our clients from basic office webpages to fully integrated applications such as online applications and appeal management.  Our online solutions are specifically designed to work with our CAMA platforms so that the entire process is seamless from taxpayer data entry to completing the process within our CAMA solutions.  No more managing of export/import files needed.  If you have specific questions, we’d love to talk to you, please contact our sales team to get started!

Yes, Our CAMA solution offers a Mobile option that is “Field Optimized” for your field staff. Our solution is not a CAMA software on a tablet, but rather a customized solution specifically calibrated for efficiency while in the field. We’ve taken everything into consideration, including not always having an active internet connection. Our application operates in an offline mode as well so that the field appraisal staff continue to operate with the same effectiveness while offline as well as when they have an internet connection.

Software for Life is our commitment to you as our client.  Once you become a member of the Harris Govern family, we will always maintain your software platform for as long as you are paying maintenance.  We will not force you to move to another platform if you are happy with the products/services you currently enjoy with us.  Safe Passage is our promise to you that you will always have an upgrade path without having to re-buy software licenses.  If you choose to upgrade to another one of our software platforms, or even to another solution we may offer in the future, you are assured that you will never have to purchase software licenses ever again!  Become a member of the Harris Govern family once, and you maintain those licenses into the future.

As both a Microsoft shop and business partner, our solution operates within the latest Microsoft SQL environments.  We follow the Microsoft upgrade cycle so that SQL platform upgrades are available for our clients whenever they are ready to implement those versions.

Harris Govern CAMA solutions offer our clients the choice of both physical on-site hardware as well as cloud environment solutions.  We believe that CAMA solutions should not dictate our client’s hardware decisions, so we’ve worked to optimize our software so that we utilize the benefits of both platforms.  If you’re not sure which platform is best for your office, we’d love to work with your office to offer the best solution that fits your specific needs.

Our CAMA and Tax Collections solutions were designed from the ground up to utilize the same integrated database so that data entry is minimized between the two offices.  Access to data components is restricted based upon specific user access so that users only have access to data that they need.

Since 1975. We are not a new CAMA/ Tax company, but rather an established and proven premier vendor of CAMA and Property Tax software and tools.

We can say without a doubt, absolutely.  Every single Harris Govern client was converted from a legacy CAMA/Tax software at one point in time.  We have successfully converted many different CAMA/Tax software platforms ranging from Unix/Linux data structures all the way to modern, normalized SQL databases. We utilize a proven and proprietary process for mapping and systematically converting your old CAMA/Tax data into one of our solutions so that no data is left behind.

Yes, you can absolutely become an IT or GIS solutions client without one of our great CAMA/Tax solutions in your office.  Our GIS and IT Services departments work with all offices to provide customized solutions for each of our client’s needs regardless of CAMA/Tax vendor.

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