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Improve Efficiency & Accuracy In The Field With Real-Time Capabilities.

Modern appraisal systems have changed, and today's appraisers need a streamlined process to collect, retrieve, and analyze data when they are out in the field. Our all-in-one mobile app brings the value of a field optimized system to the field so your staff can quickly review and enter property data, take and automatically associate photos with properties, and sketch right from a convenient mobile interface.


Field Optimized

Our mobile software has changed how appraisers work in the field, and with access to several office quality control software, your team will enjoy real-time updates all while saving time and money.

Powerful Security

Our paperless data collection software is connected with a cloud database so that the central database is never directly accessed by the field device. This is by design and a security benefit. Now, you can execute elements of your workflow securely, right from your iPad.

Centralized Data

Today's appraisers need access to industry data and in-depth analytics with a click of a button. Since our Mobile software syncs with a central database, your team can eliminate tracking down maps, paperwork, and records across several locations.

Data In Sync

Store data online and offline, record precise measurements and complete each property's sketch while right from your mobile device. Your team's data is synchronized across all devices (mobile and desktop), so multiple data points can be managed from anywhere.

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    Having the iPad mobile field device functionality along with Desktop Review and Sketch Validation has helped increase so many areas of our fielding process, it is truly a game changer.

Harris Govern Mobile Software Features & Solutions

Eliminate Data Entry & Improve Data Quality With Modern Collection Tools.

Field appraisers need the latest technology software when collecting data in the field. Making the right decisions depends on their ability to promptly collect accurate data. Assessment office projects can be unique, and your staff can experience inefficiencies when using paper and clipboard to enter, access, and manipulate data when they are not in the office.

Your team will see increased productivity and quality once our software is integrated into your jurisdicstions workflow. Our robust software of tools will help your staff throughout the collection, inspection, and analysis steps of the appraisal process. Our Mobile software offers several advantages over your current method, and you will enjoy benefits, including:

Advanced Mapping

Your team can integrate advanced mapping software with the Mobile software application to assist with data collection and analysis like Heat Maps, Offline parcel map, and a jurisdiction-specific street layer for offline use.

Class/Quality Calculator

Your team can increase productivity and accuracy by automatically producing a Class/Quality based on a few objective data points. Our add-on software is specifically calibrated to your office and team so that data components are configured for your specific office needs.

Modern Collection Tools While In The Field

Appraisers will have the ability to access, edit, create and verify information about their property right from their mobile device. Since data is synchronized across all devices, your team will be able to prepare property groups in the office and then seamlessly access the list of sites in the field.

Improve Efficiencies

We built this software with advanced cloud-based technologies so your staff can access vital information from their tablet and mobile devices. This means that appraisers can be more productive with interactive maps and reference data organized just for appraisal fieldwork.

Paperless Mobile App Technology

Your team will see immediate improvements to your workflow since they won't have to collect and organize paperwork before each site visit. Also, since all property information is stored in a central location, appraisers can attach photos directly to each parcel so they can cut out manual work when they return to the office.

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