Desktop Review

Our Desktop Review (DTR) software is designed to assist assessment jurisdictions in locating new structures, verifying existing data, and flagging discrepancies in data quickly and efficiently via split screens across multiple monitors. The configurable layout allows remote data reviewers and/or appraisers to visualize all pertinent property data, photos, aerial imagery, and other assets/tools in one integrated and synchronized view – instead of multiple different tabs, user interfaces and systems. Our DTR also eliminates the need for multiple data entry.

Oblique Imagery View

Get a closer view of the subject. Utilizing your existing high-quality aerial imagery (ortho and oblique) gives you the experience of being on the property, while at your desktop.

Sketch Editor

Easy sketching at the desktop. Utilize the same quick, easy and efficient tools from our mobile sketcher.

Instant PhotoBase

High-quality images. Access field photos within Desktop Review for additional verifications and data inputs.

Mobile Integration

Take your data to the field with you. Seamless integration with Harris Govern Mobile. Start with DTR, then assign field visits for additional data verification/data collection needed.

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    Having the iPad mobile field device functionality along with Desktop Review and Sketch Validation has helped increase so many areas of our fielding process, it is truly a game changer.

Sketch Validation

Sketch Validation overlays sketches from your CAMA system onto aerial photography. Users can rotate and scale sketches to verify against the existing structure on the aerials. From these efforts, parcels can be grouped in to categories customized for your office’s needs: confirmed, demolition, field visit, further review, new construction, etc. We believe that validating sketches should be an on-going process rather than waiting for the major discovery or reappraisal cycles. Sketch Validation can identify new construction to be added to the roll that otherwise may go undiscovered for several years, as well as identify an erroneous sketch prior to an appeal being filed. By discovering these issues in the office you will reduce the amount of properties unnecessarily visited, reduce your cost per parcel, recognize new revenue, and increase productivity!

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