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For Harris Govern, the client always comes first. Of course, Harris Govern focuses on the same business principles that other companies adhere to, like profitability and industry reputation. However, the management team has always held fast to the principle that if you listen to clients, help solve their problems, and become a real partner in their business, then all the other tenets of success will follow. This has proven to be Harris Govern’s legacy in the industry.

Internet Support

The internet support option is the preferred method for initiating support inquiries. The client will access an internet based ticketing system which is available to the customer 24/7. Built-in ticket automation ensures that all incoming tickets are acknowledged and assigned to a Support Analyst. Support Analysts (both individually and as a team) will resolve most issues encountered by the client. In the case that resolution requires a programmatic change; the Support Team will utilize Development resources dedicated to assisting both the Support Team and the end-user with troubleshooting and critical fixes.

Email Support

Our online ticketing system has full email integration. Not only do clients receive email notifications regarding updates to their tickets, they also have the option of updating those tickets via email without the need to login to the ticketing system. Once a ticket is generated, our clients can manage them to completion completely via email, if they so choose.

Telephone Support

Telephone support is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Other Support

Harris Govern maintains an online repository of technical documentation in the Client Hub for access by our current customers. The Client Hub is fully integrated with the online ticketing system and provides access to various help options for the customer:

  • Release Notes
  • Webinar Videos
  • Support Chat Tool
  • Online Help
  • Support Ticketing System
  • Client Community Message Boards
  • Screen Sharing
  • File Sharing

Trusted by Governments Nationwide

See what our satisfied Support Services clients have to say about working with us.

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    We have been a customer since 1999. We appreciate that Support always listens. They take to heart the needs of their customers and incorporate the growing needs and to improve the overall product. That we are a happy 20-year customer speaks volumes. We tip our hat to the entire OpenForms team of developers, trainers, and support teams!

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    Customer Support is a blessing to have. I enjoy everyone's positive attitude when it comes to helping us. And believe me, we have used their expertise.

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    The staff is extremely knowledgeable, patient and friendly.


Client Training Conference

Harris Govern holds an annual Client Training Conference that covers all of our Appraisal, Collections, and Visualization product offerings. The conference is located near our U.S. Headquarters in Allen, Texas. The next conference is December 6-8, 2021.

Focus Groups

Some Harris Govern clients have also organized Focus Groups. Based on the Focus Group, some meetings are held at client offices, with an occasional session near an industry conference or event.

Regional Meetings

Harris Govern also offers annual User Group Training events. These events are client-led, Harris Govern-facilitated, and cover topics such as:

  • Changes & New Functionality
  • Workshops
  • Product Demonstrations & Case Studies
  • Q & A Learning Lab Sessions

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