RealWare Appraisal Software

Enjoy streamlined tasks and project management with a centralized workflow system. RealWare provides an automated CAMA system to help your team scale with future needs as a jurisdiction grows and evolves.


From new construction to notice generation, permits to personal property, appeal tracking to analysis tools that allow for valuation using all approaches, RealWare is your all-inclusive, comprehensive mass appraisal software.


Even with its robust set of software and tools, RealWare is built to conform to your needs. Field labels and screen layouts are configurable, and role-based security means your application is scalable and secure.


RealWare comes with built-in query and custom reporting tools, which means you’ve always got access to the data you need. Besides, RealWare seamlessly integrates with our workflow, GIS, and mobile software, as well as many third-party applications like Apex, Microsoft Office, Adobe, SPSS, and more. Finally, RealWare’s Application Programming Interface (API) means you can safely and efficiently share your data with other applications and entities.

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    Harris Govern has made a great reputation in the Colorado assessment market and I could not be more happy with the staff and support team working on our current project.

CollectWare Software

CollectWare is a comprehensive Tax Billing, Collection, and Distribution system designed to save your Auditors and Tax Collectors time and money. This is done by streamlining processes with secure balancing procedures.


Our system is designed to help your team accomplish more in less time. Our tools will eliminate duplicate data entry while ensuring the integrity of your data and records. Also, your team will have all of this information available with custom reporting that utilizes tabular and spatial data.


Collecting the appropriate amount of taxes has never been easier because our system will calculate the difference between old and new values for a more natural collection process. Your team can use our user-friendly interface to create tax bills, refunds, and abatements.

General Ledger

The General Ledger software features a comprehensive tracking ledger for all receivables. This feature allows your jurisdiction to act as the “bank” for other departments with miscellaneous receipting. Your team can easily track all outstanding balances due through our flexible interface.

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