PACS Severe Winter Weather (TX)

As we continue to experience historic low temperatures and severe winter weather in Texas, we wanted to give our PACS clients an update regarding Harris Govern support and services.

At this time, all support hosted services are up and running:

  • PACS.Online
  • Property Access
  • Websites
  • Taxpayer Portals

While we do not anticipate issues with these services, there is the possibility of intermittent interruptions due to the state-wide emergency and rolling blackouts.  If we see that services are impacted, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Some of our support team members have been impacted by the winter storm and rolling blackouts; response times may be extended for non-critical issues through Friday, February 19, 2021.  To contact support:

  • Enter a TeamSupport ticket by browsing to the Customer Hub
  • Contact us through our support line at 972-265-7300, Dial 1 for Support
    • In the event that all support representatives with other customers, please leave a detailed voice mail regarding your issue and how to contact you.  The voicemail will auto-generate a TeamSupport ticket.

We appreciate your patience during our bout with winter weather.  Stay warm!