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Updating Multiple Properties: Quick Entry


Use this procedure to update the values within fields for multiple property records, one after another.

To enter data quickly, you can assign repetitive data entry tasks to function keys, and/or you can use the TAB key rather than your mouse.

Not all data in the system can be updated with this activity; a select group of fields is available to be updated from the following tables:

When you select the table, the fields that you can choose to update are displayed in the Field column:

mass update quick entry

Caution Caution Icon There is not a way to automatically undo a quick entry update, other than by doing another quick entry update to change the data.



  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose Activities > Mass Maintenance > Quick Entry.

    The Mass Maintenance Quick Entry dialog box is displayed.

  2. In the Year drop-down list, specify the year for the update.
  3. Enter the property ID and press TAB to display the property information.

    Note You can use the < and > buttons either to retrieve the previous geo ID or to advance to the next geo ID.

  4. To enter values for a row, complete the following options:

    mass update quick entry row

  5. To create another row, either tab to the Criteria cell or click the Criteria cell.
  6. To save your entries in a row for future use and assign the row to a hot key, do the following:
    1. Select the row you would like to retrieve in the future and click Add Row.

      The Row Name dialog box is displayed.

    2. Enter a description of the row and click OK.

      The row name is displayed in the drop-down list in the bottom of dialog box. For example:

      mass update quick entry add row

    3. Click Assign Key.

      The Quick Entry Assign Key dialog box is displayed.

    4. Do the following:

      (i) On your keyboard, press the function key to which you want to assign the row.

      (ii) Verify that the function key you chose is displayed at the end of the Function Key Selected row. For example:

      mass update

      (iii) Enter a button label and click OK.

      The button label is displayed below the hot key code. For example:

      mass update quick entry button label

  7. To retrieve a row of entries previously saved and assigned to a hot key, select the hot key.
  8. Click Update to apply the new values to properties.
  9. Repeat the steps above as required to change data for additional property records.