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Setting Up Print Options for Delinquent Notices


This procedure is optional.

Use this procedure if you need to:


The Edit Delinquent Notice Parameters user right is assigned to your user ID.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose Activities > Assessment > Delinquent Tax Functions> Delinquent Notice Maintenance.

    The Delinquent Notice Maintenance dialog box is displayed.

    delinq notice set up

  2. If required, in the Delinquent Notice Comment section, enter the text to be printed on delinquent notices.

    Note If no text is entered, no additional text is printed on the form.

  3. If required, Use the Exclude Bills If Older Than section to exclude bills from processing that are no longer collectible as specified by the Limitation on Collection of Taxes section of the Texas Property Ta x Code.

    Example In 2009, to exclude personal property older than 4 years, enter 2004.

  4. Click OK.