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Exporting Delinquent Data


Use the Collections Data Export described below to create files containing delinquency data that you can send to an attorney.


The Print Delinquent Notices user right is assigned to your ID.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose File > Export > Collection Data.

    The Export Collection Information dialog box is displayed.

    delinq export

  2. To export data for all entities, do not select the Entities check box. To specify entities for which to export data, select the Entities check box and choose the entities to include.
  3. If required, choose a value for the year. You can choose current and/or delinquent years:
  4. If you need to exclude bills from the files that have a bill adjustment code (such as a bankruptcy code or suit filed code), select Exclude Bill Adjustment Codes and choose the codes to exclude.
  5. In the Export Path field, select the path under which to save the text files.
  6. Complete the As of Date field with the date of the last closed day.

    Note PACS will only generate the export as of the last closed day. If you select a day that is still open, a message is displayed with the date of the last closed day.

  7. If you need to generate events on the property records, select Generate Event.
  8. Click Export.


Two text files are created that you can send to the attorney.