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Setting Up Columns in the Asset Manager


Use this procedure to select and save a set of columns to be used for data entry in the Asset Manager.

Once saved, the column configuration becomes available for all users in the system.


  1. Use one of the following options:

    The Asset Listing window is displayed.

  2. Use the following grid options as required:
  3. If you need to select the columns to be included in the grids and save the selections for future use, use the following steps:

    Note Selecting and saving different sets of column headings can be useful, for example, when you need one set of columns for vehicles, and another set of columns for non-vehicles.

    1. In the Segments grid, right click a column title.

      The Customize Asset Management dialog box is displayed.


    2. Select, remove, or arrange the order of the columns as required. Then click OK.

    Note To make data entry faster, we recommend removing columns that will not be used.

    Caution Caution Icon After you save the configuration in the next step, the only way to delete it in the future is to contact True Automation. Verify your configuration set up before saving it.

    1. In the Save Config field, enter a name for the set of columns you selected. Then click Save Config.

      Note If there is a name currently displayed in the field, delete it before entering the new name.


      The name you saved is available from the Load Config drop-down list.

  4. If you need to change the set of columns displayed to a previously saved set of columns, in the Load Config drop-down list, select the name of the set of columns. Then click Load Config.