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Setting a Future Inactivation Date for an Image or Document on a Record


Use this procedure to set a future inactivation date for an image.

When an image or document is inactivated, the following message is displayed at the bottom of a record's Image tab indicating that the image is inactive:

image message inactivated


Depending on the types of master records for which you need to inactivate images, one or more of the Edit <x> Images user rights (such as Edit Agent Images, Edit Taxpayer Images, Edit Personal Property Images, Edit All Property Images, and so on) must be assigned to your user ID.


  1. Open a record and click the Images tab.
  2. Select the image for which you need to set a future inactivation date and click Details.

    The Image Detail dialog box is displayed.

    image inactive future

  3. Select the Inactivate Image check box and the future date on which to inactivate the image.
  4. Click OK.