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Attaching Images or Documents to a Master Record


Use this procedure to attach images or documents to the following master records:

We recommend using this procedure when you have a limited number of documents or images to attach to a record, or several documents or images of different types, such as a photograph, an exemption form, and a homestead form.


Depending on the types of master records to which you need to attach images, one or more of the Edit <x> Images user rights (such as Edit Agent Images, Edit Taxpayer Images, Edit Personal Property Images, Edit All Property Images, and so on) must be assigned to your user ID.


  1. Open the master record to which you need to attach a document or image.
  2. Click the Images tab. Then click New.

    The Add an Image dialog box is displayed.

  3. Complete the following fields:

    image fields add

  4. Either click Scan to scan the image or click Browse to select an existing image.
  5. After the image is scanned or selected, if required, use the Preview or Remove buttons.
  6. To specify the image as the image to be displayed on the property record's Summary tab, select Main Image.
  7. Click OK.