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Removing Properties from a Litigation Record


Use this procedure to remove properties and bills from a litigation record.


The Litigation user rights is assigned to your ID.


  1. In PACS Collections, open a litigation record.
  2. If the bills associated with the litigation have adjustment codes, use the following steps to remove the adjustment codes:
    1. Click the Properties tab.
    2. Select the bills for which you need to remove the adjustment codes.
    3. In the Adjustment Code drop-down list, select N (None). Then click Set All.
  3. Use the following steps to remove the bills and properties from the litigation record:
    1. Click the Properties tab.
    2. Select either the bills or the properties and click Remove.
    3. You are prompted to confirm that you want to remove the bills. Click Yes.
  4. Use the following steps to apply a code indicating that the litigation has been removed or dismissed:
    1. Click the General tab.
    2. In the Litigation status field, select a code indicating that the litigation has been dismissed.

      litigation status

    3. In the Court field, enter either Removed or Dismissed.


The bills and associated properties that you selected are no longer displayed in the Properties tab.

Troubleshooting: Duplicate Cause Number Error Message

If there is a duplicate cause number on another litigation record, you will receive an error message stating that the information cannot be updated because the cause number has already been entered.

If you receive this message, and if the litigation record you are working in no longer has any property IDs attached to it on the Properties tab, you can add the suffix -2 at the end of the cause number to assist you in identifying duplicate cause numbers.