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Matching Unmatched Properties for the Mineral Import


Use this procedure to match properties that were not matched during the import.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose File > Import > Mineral/Personal/Real Property.

    The Mineral Import List is displayed.

  2. Right-click the run and choose Match Unmatched Properties.

    The Mineral Import Match Unmatched Properties window is displayed.

  3. Match an unmatched property with the following steps:
    1. Select a line for an unmatched property and click Match.

      The Select Property Wizard window is displayed.

    2. Click Search.

      The Find Property dialog box is displayed.

    3. Enter criteria to retrieve the property record to match to the imported property record. Then click Search.

      The Select Property Wizard window is displayed with search results.

    4. Select the line to match to the unmatched, imported property. Then click Finish.

      There are two results:

      • The status of the previously unmatched property is displayed as Matched in the Status column.
      • PACS data is displayed in the PACS columns of the Mineral Import Unmatched Properties dialog box.
  4. Repeat steps a through d above as required for each unmatched property.
  5. If you need to remove a match, select a line with the status Matched. Then click the Unmatch button.

    Note When you select a line for a property that has already been matched, the text on the button changes from Match to Unmatch.


If the PACS property you select has already been matched to another imported property, a message is displayed indicating that a different PACS property must be selected.