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Viewing Batch History


Use this procedure to view details about batches that the system has run.

With this activity, you can specify a particular expiration date for a batch. The default expiration date for a batch is six months from the time of its data validation check. To manage the size of your system's database, you may want to set the expiration date sooner. Once the expiration date has passed, the system deletes the results of the expired batch the next time the PACS Data Validation window is displayed.

Line Item Display

The line items displayed in the Batch History window correspond with the line items in the Data Validation Check Batches drop-down list in the PACS Data Validation Checks window.

The line items in the Batch History window display additional details. In particular, the Batch History window displays the expiration date of the data validation check results in the Exp. Date column.


  1. Choose Activities > Data Validation Checks > Batch History.

    The PACS Data Validation Checks window is displayed.


  2. Click Batch History.

    The Batch History window is displayed.

    DV Batch History

  3. Review or change the expiration date.