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Viewing Check Results and Executing Checks


Use this procedure to execute checks manually and view errors resulting from data validation checks.

The checks you execute in this activity are system-wide checks independent of specific processes such as an appraisal export or supplement group acceptance. These checks fall within data validation check categories SYS_PV and SYS_POEV. For descriptions of the categories and the associated checks, see Overview: Data Validation Checks.


To make the Execute Checks button available in this window, the Data Validation –Execute Checks user right must have been assigned to your user ID by choosing Tools > User Administration. For more information about assigning user rights, see the User Rights User Guide.


  1. Choose Activities > Data Validation Checks > Batch History.

    The PACS Data Validation Checks window is displayed.


  2. In the Data Validation Check drop-down list, select a data validation check batch.

    The system displays any errors from the batch in the Results section.

    Note If nothing is displayed in the Results section, then no errors were generated by the selected batch.

  3. To execute standard checks, choose Execute Checks.

    The Execute Data Validation Checks dialog box is displayed.

    DV Exec

    1. Use the options available to select the set of data you want to execute the checks against.
    2. Choose Execute.

      A message is displayed indicating the number of any critical errors and total errors found.

      The PACS Data Validation Checks window is displayed with the results of the checks you just executed.