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Configuring Data Validation Checks


Use this procedure to configure the system to perform data validation checks.

Important The system successfully runs data validation checks only when you click Generate Views on the Data Validation Checks Maintenance window shown below.


The Data Validation–Checks Maintenance user right is assigned to your user ID. For more information about assigning user rights, see the User Rights User Guide.


  1. Choose Tools > Code File Maintenance > General > Data Validation Checks.

    The Data Validation Checks Maintenance dialog box is displayed.


  2. Choose a data validation check category from the Description drop-down list.

    The individual data validation checks associated with the category you chose are displayed.

    Note For descriptions of data validation check categories, and for more information about the particular processes that execute each data validation check supports, see Overview: Data Validation Checks.

  3. Review the following data as required:
  4. To edit the details of an individual check, including activating or deactivating a check, do the following:
    1. Select the check and then click Details.

    The Data Validation Check Detail window is displayed.


    1. Select the options as required to set the details of a check.
      • To activate a check, select Use Check.
      • To deactivate a check, clear Use Check.
    2. Click OK.

    Caution Caution Icon If you do not perform the next step, the system does not save any of the configuration changes you entered for the data validation checks.

  5. Click Generate Views to update all of the category views.

    A message is displayed stating that views were created successfully.

    Note You need to click Generate Views only once in the window. It is not necessary to click Generate Views for each category that you choose.


The system is configured to perform data validation checks.


To view details about detected errors, use the Batch History activity (Activities > Data Validation Checks > Batch History).

Additional Information

A rating reflects the severity of an error. If a check is assigned a rating of Critical and errors result from the check, the system prevents both the appraisal export and supplement acceptance process from continuing. Checks assigned a rating of High, Medium, or Low do not cause the system to cancel the export.

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