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Using the ARB Inquiry Report


Use this report to view a listing of accounts that have inquiries.

The end of the report provides the total number of inquiries and the total appraised value of the properties selected for the report.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose Reports > ARB > ARB Reports.

    The Print ARB Report dialog box is displayed.

  2. In the Report drop-down list, select ARB Inquiry Report.
  3. To specify how data is sorted in the report, do the following in the Sort section:
    1. To arrange the order of the columns, select a column name and then use the Move Up and Move Down buttons.
    2. To arrange the data in either ascending or descending order, use either the Ascending or Descending option.
  4. To retrieve inquiries by year, status, and/or assigned appraiser, do the following in the Case Options section.
    1. To retrieve active and/or closed inquires, use the Active, Closed, or Both option.
    2. Select the year for which to retrieve inquiries.
    3. To retrieve inquiries with particular statuses, use the Status field.
    4. To retrieve inquires with particular appraiser assignments, use the Appraiser field.
  5. To retrieve inquiries according to scheduled meetings dates, select one of the options in the Appraiser Meeting Dates section.
  6. To set appraiser search criteria, use the following options:
  7. Click either Preview or Print.