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Creating an Inquiry Record


Use this procedure to create a single inquiry record from the property record.

For information about creating multiple inquiries at one time, see the Creating Inquiry Records with the Inquiry Wizard. (The wizard is useful, for example, when a taxpayer owns multiple properties and requests inquiries for all of them.)


The ARB Inquiry user right is assigned to your user ID. For information about setting up user rights, see the User Rights User Guide.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, open a property record. Then click the ARB –Inquiry tab.
  2. In the Inquiries section, click New to display the ARB Inquiry window. Make your selections as required.

    ARB Inq Record

    The following information provides details for the areas of the screen labeled above.

    Note: In the Available Views section, if a protest has not been created and saved, only the General view is enabled.

Area A

You can use the comment fields to record comments made by the taxpayer or appraiser. In the Operator Comments field, you can record other details pertaining to inquiry processing.

Area B

If the name of the person making the inquiry is not listed in the drop-down list, use the Search button to add the required name.

If required, use the Phones button to update the taxpayer's phone number and the Details button to update the owner record.

Area C

If the CAD has requested documents from the taxpayer, complete the following fields in the Taxpayer Documents section:

Area D

Appraiser –The appraiser who appraised the property.

Note: The system automatically completes the corresponding Date fields with each selection.

Area E

If the CAD has requested a field check, complete the fields in the Field Check section.

Area F

After your CAD and the taxpayer agree upon the value, in the Value Agreement section, indicate the date that the agreement was either mailed or faxed. Then enter the date received for the taxpayer.

Area G

Area H

See next step.

Next Steps

  1. Under the Available Views section (Area H), either click Apply to save the data and leave the inquiry record open, or click OK to save the data and close the inquiry record.
  2. If necessary, schedule a meeting for the inquiry. For more information, see Scheduling an Appraiser Meeting for an Inquiry or Protest.