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Entering Renditions with the Asset Manager


Use the Asset Manager described below to quickly enter segment and subsegment information that you receive on rendition forms. The Asset Manager is designed to facilitate fast data entry with a keyboard, and requires only minimal use of a mouse device.


Using the Asset Manager from the Personal Property Rendition Wizard (Activities > Personal Property Rendition) may increase efficiency because you can enter data from rendition forms into the wizard, and then you can access the Asset Manager from the wizard to enter segment and subsegment data.




  1. Use one of the following options:
  2. Click Asset Mgmt.

    The Asset Listing window is displayed.

  3. Use the following grid options as required:
  4. Use the following options as required:
  5. Use the following options to enter, change or delete data for segments and/or subsegments:

    Note You can use the following hot key combinations from any cell except the cells in the Type column.

  6. If you need to inactivate a segment so that its value is not calculated, enter F in the Active column. If you need to activate a segment so that its value is calculated, enter T in the Active column.

  7. To change the order in which the subsegment rows are displayed, use one of the following sort options at the bottom right of the window:


  8. To review the totals of subsegments by original cost, rendered value, and market value, click Show Summary at the bottom right of the window.