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Maintaining Depreciation Methods


Use this procedure to set depreciation for subsegments, which will in turn depreciate the original cost.


If you will apply a depreciation table to all SIC codes based on subsegment type, you have set up a collective SIC code. For more information, see Setting Up a Collective SIC Code.


  1. Choose Tools > Personal Property Rendition Maintenance > Depreciation Method Maintenance.
  2. In the Personal Property Depreciation Method Maintenance dialog box, click New.
  3. In the Type drop-down list in the Personal Property Depreciation Method Definition dialog box, select the personal property type.Then select the SIC code and the depreciation table to use for the personal property type, and click OK.

    Note If you would like the depreciation table to be used for all SIC codes under the personal property type, in the SIC Code field, select the asterisk symbol (*) SIC code.