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Step 2B: Configuring Event Object Paths

Important Caution Icon Regardless if you are doing Electronic Tax Statements or not, all clients must complete the following steps:

Configure Event Objects

  1. Select Tools > Event Object Maintenance > Server/File Location. The following dialog appears.

  2. Select the Object type of "PUBLISHTS"
  3. Select the same menu options a second time and set the Object Type to "TAXSTMNT". If the object location is already set, it will read with a path ending in "TaxStatements"
  4. If either one of these paths is not set, then browse to pacs_oltp\ and set the path for PUBLISHTS to the item named "PublishTaxStatements", for TAXSTMNT set the path to the item named "TaxStatements" .

Confirm a Postscript Printer Exists

  1. Select Devices and Printers. See if you have a printed with a name that ends in PS.
    1. If a post script printer exists on your system, proceed to the Postscript Printer Configuration Step.
    2. If you do not have a postscript printer on your system, see Appendix A that is located at the end of this document and follow the steps listed to install a postscript printer on your system.

Postscript Printer Configuration

Click on the Start menu located on your computer>click Control Panel>select System.

Under "Computer name, domain and workgroup settings", make note of your computer name.


Then in PACS, click on Tools > Configure Workstation

Under workstation, see if your computer name is listed.

If your computer name is not listed, Click on New.


Click on Browse next to the Workstation Name box.

Locate your printer name and select it and click OK. Then Click Ok once more. After this step proceed to the next paragraph.

If your computer name is listed, or once you have created it, highlight the name and then select Set Postscript printer. A box will display. If the post script printer is not displayed, click the drop down arrow and set the printer to the postscript printer that is on your system.

Note: Every computer that will run tax statements will need to have a postscript printer set up on it.