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Recording Sales Confirmation


Use the Confirmation of Sale Wizard described in this procedure to enter sales confirmation information.

This wizard gives you the option to enter the same information at one time for all of the property records associated with a deed, instead of processing information for each property record individually.


The type, confidence level, and financing codes are set. For information about setting these codes, see the following:


  1. Choose Activities > Record Sales Confirmation.

    The Confirmation of Sale Wizard - 2018 window is displayed.

  2. Click Add.

    The Select Property Wizard window is displayed.

  3. Click Search and do the following:
    1. On the Find Property dialog box, enter search criteria, and then click Search.
    2. On the Select Property Wizard window, select the property to be included in the confirmation of the sale.
    3. If you are entering sales confirmation information for multiple properties,
      repeat (a) and (b) until you have selected all of the properties to be processed for the deed.
    4. Click Finish.

      Another version of the Confirmation of Sale Wizard –2006 window is displayed.

  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the ownership record to be associated with the sale, and then click Next.

    The Confirmation of Sale Wizard - 2018 dialog box is displayed.

  6. Enter the confirmation information, and then click Finish.


Information about the sale of the property records you selected which are associated with a deed has been stored in the system.