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Preparing the System for Bill/Tax Statement Creation


During levy and tax statement processing, all system types use this procedure to update data with data from any supplements that have been accepted after beginning Levy Roll and Tax Statement Procedures listed in this guide. Perform this step once again to ensure that all values are set accurately before continuing.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose Activities > Assessment > Levy Functions > Prepare System for Bill/Tax Statement Creation.
  2. You are prompted to prepare the system for the current appraisal year's statement process. Click Yes.

    A message is displayed indicating that the system is being prepared for tax statements.

  3. You are prompted to acknowledge that the system has completed the process successfully. Click OK.


The system has been activated to continue the yearly process for bill and tax statement creation.

Note If you do not want to create bills or properties under ARB review, contact TA support to remove those properties at this time.