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Populating the Fiscal Year

If you do not use Fiscal Totals then skip this step and proceed to the next step, Informing Customer Support of Levy Process Completion.


Use this procedure to populate all of the entities' fiscal data with beginning levy totals generated from bill creation.

Completing this procedure inserts the current levy M&O and I&S balances into the fiscal data. For fiscal year processing, we recommend that, after this procedure, you review each entity's fiscal data to verify that the levy totals match the beginning balances that were just created upon bill creation.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose Activities > Assessment > Levy Functions > Populate Fiscal Year.

    The Populate Fiscal Year dialog box is displayed with the entities for which fiscal year amounts will be calculated.

  2. Click OK.

    A message is displayed indicating that fiscal year totals are being populated.

  3. You are prompted to acknowledge that new year fiscal totals have been populated. Click OK.

    Caution This step is very quick and the system does not give a message stating it has completed.

    To confirm that the totals were populated, open the entity, select the Fiscal Year tab, select the fiscal year and click Details. Check the fiscal year beginning balances and the totals that were just inserted.