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Modifying and Reviewing Tax Rates, Attorney's Fees, and Exemption Info


Use this activity to:


  1. In PACS Collections, click the Entity button. entity_button
  2. From the Entity List window, open an entity and click the Tax Rates/Exemptions/PI Schedule tab.

Note: these steps should be repeated for all entities that you collect taxes for including the BPP tax rates. If you only collect SIT taxes for an entity those entities need to be reviewed also.

Select the current year and click Details.

CAUTION: Failing to review the Tax Rates, Exemptions, Discounts and Attorney Fee's for each Entity and verifying that they are correct could result in you having to re-send out Tax Statements.

  1. Click the Tax Rates/Exemptions tab.

    Levy Certification, Tax Rates

  2. In the Collection Option section, select one of the following as required:
  3. If the entity grants a freeze ceiling, then select the Enable Calculation of Freeze Ceiling check box. Selecting this option for the new year allows the system to calculate freeze ceilings during the Freeze/Refreeze process. This includes BPP Entities
  4. Select Ready to create bills/statements so that the entity is ready for the Levy process.
  5. In the Rates section confirm that all rates are entered correctly. If your entity has a sales tax rate it should be entered in this section. For BPP entities the rates should be 0.
  6. In the Exemption window, confirm all exemptions granted by the entity are listed. Use the horizontal scroll bar to view and verify the freeze ceiling, freeze transfer, state amount, local amount, and local percentage. Make corrections as needed.

Levy Roll Tax Statement Modifying and Reviewing, screen Exemptions window, 001

Caution IconImportant Failing to correct bad data could result in inaccurate freeze calculations and tax amounts on tax statements.

Click the P&I Schedule tab and enter the tax Statement Date 10/01 of the current year. This populates penalty information. If the entity offers a discount, select the Discounts Offered option.

Levy Screenshot 1

Review and enter or update the attorney fee percentage for the new levy year bills. Incorrect attorney fees result in inaccurate values on tax statements. If the attorney fee rate is 20%, enter 20 rather than .20.

Be sure that you have entered the correct date and "year" for this date. Example 2015 attorney fee date is 7/1/2016. Review or modify the attorney fee rate and date.

The Personal Property/Mobile Home Attorney Fee section is used only for P (Personal) and MH (Mobile Home) property types. If attorney fees are applied in April to your district's personal and mobile home-only properties, confirm that the Apply Attorney Fees check box is selected and the corresponding attorney fee date is up-to-date. Otherwise, if your district does not apply early attorney fees, the check box should not be selected and no date entered.

Note: If this field is left blank the system will calculate attorney fees for all property types, based on the Attorney Fees Date listed in the above section.