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Step 6: Copying the Previous Year's Tax Rates and Exemptions

If the current year tax rates and exemptions already exist and are correct (as displayed in the Entity Tax Rates report generated in the previous step), then skip this procedure and proceed to step 7, Modifying and Reviewing Tax Rates, Attorney's Fees, and Exemption Info.


Use this procedure to copy the previous year's tax rates and exemptions into the current year's record if tax rates do not exist for the upcoming tax year.


Copying Tax Rates

  1. In PACS Collections, click the Entity button. entity_button
  2. In the Entity List window, right-click any entity record and choose Copy Tax Rates.

    The Copy Entity Tax Rates dialog box is displayed.

  3. Do one of the following:
  4. In the From Year field, enter the year you wish to copy from, and in the To Year field, enter the year you want to copy the data to. Then click Copy.
  5. You are prompted to acknowledge that any existing tax rates for the To Year you specified will be deleted. To continue the copy, click Yes.


Tax rates from the previous year are available for review or modification in the current year's record. If you need to modify tax rates, see step 7, Modifying Tax Rates, Attorney's Fees, and Exemption Info.