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Reviewing and Correcting Entity Tax Rates


Use this activity to see if the tax rates have been copied up to the current year and detect any errors for an entity, involving tax rates and exemptions that could appear on tax statements. Review these values even if you carefully imported and entered entity rates, to verify that the rates are accurate prior to performing Levy.

Note Users cannot change exemptions after certification is complete. If you believe any data is incorrect, contact customer support.

In addition, all entities must be included, even BP and VIT only entities that you collect taxes for.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose Activities > Assessment > Levy Functions > Review Entity Tax Rates.

    The Print Entity Tax Rates & Exemptions dialog box is displayed.

  2. Enter all of your entities. Be sure to include the ones that are marked as VIT only entities, BPP entities and year. Then print or preview the report.
  3. Once the Entity Tax Rates report prints or displays, review the report and confirm that the tax rates exist for all of your entities.

Next Steps

If the Entity Tax Rates report shows accurate current year tax rates and exemption amounts, then proceed to step 7, Modifying Tax Rates and Attorney Fees.

If the current year rates and exemptions do not exist on the report, then proceed to the step 6, Copying the Previous Year's Tax Rates.