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Step 2A: Verifying Appraisal Data Imports

Verify the following:

  1. All supplements have been accepted and all supplement groups have the status Bills Created.

Levy Roll Tax Statements, Before Begin, Supplement Group Status, 001

Print/Balance Adjusted History Totals

Use the following procedure to print and balance the Adjusted Certified Totals. If you import for shared CADs you must confirm that the values add up for ALL external and internal CADs. If you do not import for any shared CADs, confirm that your totals balance back to your internal CAD totals.

  1. Run totals in PACS Collections: Activities> Assessment > Supplement Functions > Supplement Group Maintenance. Highlight the last supplement group that was processed in your system for the current year, right-click, and choose Details.
  2. If you import for other Appraisal Districts make sure all imports are complete.
  3. Click Print Totals.

    Levy Roll Tax Statements, Before Begin, Supplement Group, Print Totals, 001

    The Print Adjusted Certified Totals dialog box is displayed.

  4. Select the current year and the greatest As of Supp # listed from the drop-down list.
  5. Select the entities.
  6. Select Print Grand Totals.

    Levy Roll Tax Statements, Before Begin, Supplement Group, Print Grand Totals, 001

  7. Click Print.

Note: These totals should balance for each entity as follows: Offices that DO import: The combined totals of the final imports on the system should balance to this report. This is the case for each CAD you import for. Offices that DO NOT import: The totals should balance to your CADS adjusted certified totals as of the last supplement accepted.