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Updating Your Fiscal Year Rollover Spreadsheet


Use this procedure to track entities' eligibility for rollover. Perform this procedure prior to performing the fiscal year rollover.

As a prerequisite for this procedure, you will need to create and/or access a spreadsheet to record your rollovers. Use the examples shown in this procedure to guide you.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose Activities > Year End Procedures > Fiscal Year Rollover.

    The Fiscal Year Rollover dialog box is displayed

    Fiscal_Year_Process_Rollover_Updating_Fiscal_Year_Rollover_dialog_001 Fiscal_Year_Process_Rollover_Updating_spreadsheet_example_001

  2. In the spreadsheet (a sample is provided below), record your Entities, the Begin Fiscal Year dates, and the End Fiscal Year dates. A sample is shown below.

    Tip Group the entities by begin and end dates like in the example above. Because SCS, ECS, BPSCS all have the same start and end dates, they are listed one after the other on the spreadsheet. The same is true for CCS, COA, BPCCS, and BPCOA. Likewise, GDM, CBW, WSD, BPGDM, BPWSD, and RHD are listed together because their begin dates and end dates are the same.

    Use the blank sample spreadsheet below to create your own spreadsheet for listing the entity codes begin dates and end dates that are on your system.

    Fiscal Year Process Rollover, Updating, spreadsheet example, 002 full