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Fiscal Year Processing and Rollover

This guide is for clients who already have fiscal totals built and have printed (or are currently printing) the Fiscal Reports, and are now ready to move those balances from the previous fiscal year into the new fiscal year.

The fiscal reports are:

Prior to performing the rollover, these reports should be printed and balanced for the end date of each entity's fiscal year to ensure that adequate beginning totals are being built. If there are any balancing issues these items should be resolved before performing the fiscal year rollover.

Perform the fiscal year rollover for each entity whose fiscal year end date has passed. Performing the rollover allows the system to record new balances for the new fiscal year. After performing the rollover(s), the Fiscal Year Roll Reports will reflect the beginning levy balances that exist on the date of the entity’s new budget year.

In This Section

PDF File: Fiscal Year Processing

Topic Revisions: Fiscal Year Processing and Rollover

Updating Your Fiscal Year Rollover Spreadsheet

Determining Your System's Rollover Years

Generating Collections Recaps Reports

Performing the Fiscal Year Rollover

Balancing Collections Data Totals

Step 6: Resolving Balancing and Rollover Issues