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Printing Board Order Letters without Certified Mailers


Use this procedure if your CAD will not use certified mail to send notice of protest letters. In order for a letter to be printed, the protest must have a status code assigned that permits the notice of protest letter to be generated. (For more information, see Setting Up Protest Status Codes.)

The system prints letters for protests that qualify for arbitration as well as those that do not for:

  • Agents
  • Owners or agents with multiple protests
  • Owners



  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose Activities > ARB > Board Order Letters > Board Orders without Certified Mailer > ARB Board Order Letter.

    The Select ARB Protests Without Certified Mailings dialog box is displayed.

  2. Use one of the following print options:

    To Print by Status and Hearing Date Range

    1. Select Status and Hearing Date Range.
    2. Use the Statuses field to select at least one statuses code.
    3. Use any combination of date ranges to specify which letters to print.
      • Status Date Changed Range
      • Hearing Scheduled Range
      • Docket Date Range

    To Print Using a Query

    a. Select Query.

    b. Enter a query to print a particular set of letters.

    Note The query must select the columns case_id, prop_val_yr, and prop_id.

    To Print Using Case IDs

    a. Select Case IDs and select the case year.

    b. Enter the case IDs of the letters to be printed, separating the IDs with commas.

  3. If your system has been enabled for multiple protesters and you need to print letters for protests involving multiple protesters, select one of the following:
  4. To print letters for properties with addresses that have been marked undeliverable in the owner record, select Print Undeliverables.
  5. Click Generate.

    The Print ARB Without Certified Mailings dialog box is displayed.

    Caution Caution Icon Using the View Filter described in the next step does not affect the number of letters that the system prints. Use Step 4 to select the letters to be printed.

  6. To limit your view of letters, use the View Filter.

    Caution Caution Icon Letters that have already been created cannot be printed again with this activity. In order to reprint an existing letter, use the ARB Board Order Letter Reprint activity.

  7. Select the check boxes of the letters to be printed.
  8. In the Mail Date field, enter the mailing date of the letters. Then choose the following options as required:
  9. In the Reports Printer field, select the printer.
  10. Click Print.