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Entering Value Decisions from the Hearing


Use this procedure to assign final values decided on at the hearing for the property.

With this feature, you can override the current system value without losing other valuation methods.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, open a protest.
  2. Select the Values view.
  3. Select one of the following options for the final value:
  4. To view the estimated tax for the property with respect to the final value you entered in the previous step, click Calculate Current Estimated Tax and review the data displayed in the Tax Preview dialog box.
  5. Either click Apply to save the value data and leave the protest record open, or click OK to save the value data and close the protest record.

Allow Users to Re-distribute ARB Value

When a property is set to the ARB value method, certain changes could affect the ARB value. I.E. the property is set to Cost Value method, an ARB Value displays from previously set appr_method, land is copied, and then recalculate, and the ARB Value will change.

To allow clients to manage these changes, the following have been added. PACS should not modify or recalculate the ARB Value displayed on a property unless the user invokes the new functionality described below.

An optional notification to warn a user when making changes to a property in either a supplemented certified year or the uncertified year, where the origin property has appr_method set to ARB Value has been added.

The warning will only display if the system setting is configured to display.

The warning will display:

I.E. Remove Improvement

arb 6

The ability to re-distribute the ARB Value on a property has been added, i.e. two land segments are combined into one an ARB valued property.

The re-distribute functionality is controlled by a NEW system setting:

Tools > ARB Maintenance > System Settings…

arb 7

The user right also limits access to the re-distribute functionality:

arb 8

With the appropriate user permission, the ARB Value tab will be an active button. The button will access the distribute value dialog.