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Applying Comments to a Group of Related Protests


Use this procedure to apply the same comments to a group of protests.

For example, if an owner of a subdivision receives a discount for the properties in a subdivision, you could use this feature to apply comments describing the discount to all of the properties in the subdivision at the same time.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose File > Open > ARB Protest.

    The ARB Protest Search dialog box is displayed.

  2. Enter search criteria to retrieve a group of protests, and then click Search.

    The ARB Protest List is displayed with your group of protests.

  3. Select the group of protest you need to apply the comments to.

    Tip To select multiple protests, press CTRL and click multiple protests.

  4. Right-click and choose Mass Update Comments.

    The Mass Update ARB Protest Comments dialog box is displayed.

  5. In the Comments pane, type the new comments to be applied to the group of protests.
  6. Select one of the following options:

    Caution Caution Icon The option below may truncate existing comments depending on their length.

    Caution Caution Icon The option below may truncate the new comments that you type depending on their length.

Copy ARB Value to Uncertified Year

PACS can now copy ARB values to the Current Uncertified Year through a new button on the protest view. The values can be copied if:

The feature has been enabled on the system. This is the default.

The user has been granted the right to do so.

The ARB values have been set for the protest year

The Current Uncertified Year is one year after the protest year.

The protest is ready to be closed.

arb 2

arb 3

The "Copy Values Forward" button is visible and enabled if the property appraisal method is "ARB", the protest year is the year before the Current Uncertified Appraisal Year, the property is closed or can be, the Copy to Uncertified Appraisal Year has been enabled in the system (default), and the current user has the right to do so. This button remains enabled after the protest has been closed, until the current year has been certified.

When the user clicks "Copy Values Forward", or clicks "Close Protest" and this button is enabled, the user is prompted as below.

arb 4

The "Yes" button copies ARB values from the ARB protest year to the current uncertified year.

The "No" button closes the dialog without copying. The "Copy Values Forward" button on the form remains enabled.

The "Details…" button opens a property detail dialog for the current uncertified year.

If the ARB values were successfully copied to the current uncertified year PACS displays a message box saying:

ARB values have been successfully copied to the current uncertified year.

If the ARB values were not successfully copied to the current uncertified year PACS display a message box saying:

ERROR encountered while copying ARB values to the current uncertified year.

PACS will append an error message to the text. The possible error messages include:

There was 1 land segment mismatch.

There were N land segment mismatches.

There was 1 improvement detail mismatch.

There were N improvement detail mismatches.

There was 1 personal property segment mismatch.

There were N personal property segment mismatches.

In order for users to identify the copied value and remove the values as necessary, the PACS property detail dialog now displays the year that the ARB value was set on the values tab. PACS first checks the arb_value_yr column on the property_val table. If that field is null it then selects the year from the most recently closed ARB protest that has the same final market value. Using this year and other property identifying details, the value method on ARB value properties could be changed through Mass Update or SQL queries.


ARB Assigned Values in Segment Copy

To address identified inconsistencies with ARB values, copying properties or segments with an ARB assigned value will follow these rules:

Copy Property to another year, meaning prior year

Property copied (origin)– retain ARB values on property and on all segments

Property in destination year –

The requirement above does not pertain to the New Year layer. PACS correctly retains the ARB value in Create New Year Layer.

Copy property to Future year – retain ARB values on property and all segments

Copy Improvement or Land to a different property

Segment copied (origin) – retain ARB value

Destination Property –

Create Copy of Improvement or Land on same property

Segment copied (origin) – retain ARB value

Copy of Improvement on same Property –

Click OK.