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Setting Up Protest Status Codes


Use this procedure to set up codes that identify the status of a protest.

Users select from these codes in the Status field of the General view in the protest.

Status codes are one of the most important parts of the ARB process. By correctly setting up the status codes, the user can determine exactly where the protest is in the ARB process. The way to properly set up status codes is to create a flowchart of the ARB process and determine where status codes need to exist to manage the ARB process successfully.



  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose Tools > ARB Maintenance > Protest Codes > Status.

    The Manage ARB Protest Status Codes window is displayed.

    Note The codes F, FR, LN, LP, NS, O, and S are default codes provided with PACS.


  2. Click New to access the Status Details window.
  3. Enter the code ID and description.
  4. To enable printing of letters with the status code, select Generate Letter and do the following:
  5. If required, select Close Case to set the status code to close a protest automatically.