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Customizing the Appraisal Notice Letter


Use this procedure to view or edit the appraisal notice letter and enter standard information to be printed on the appraisal notices, such as the date of an ARB hearing and the deadline for protest notices.

Ceiling Change Warnings

With this procedure you can select the Include ceiling change warning notice check box on the Appraisal Notice Customization window, which will include a ceiling change warning on appraisal notices for properties that have new value, new exemptions, or transfer percentages. The text for the warning is:

If you improved your property (by adding rooms or buildings) or you are transferring a freeze percentage, your school, county, or junior college ceiling may increase from prior years.

The system prints a ceiling change warning as specified above on an appraisal notice only if one of the following conditions applies:


If you need to edit the appraisal notice letter, properties for the current year's appraisal notices must not have been printed. If properties have been printed, the letter cannot be changed and the system will display the text as read-only.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose Activities > Appraisal Notices > Configuration Maintenance.

    The Appraisal Notice Configuration Maintenance List is displayed.

  2. Do one of the following:

    The Appraisal Notice Configuration Maintenance dialog box is displayed.

  3. If you want to edit the text of the appraisal notice letter, click one of the following:

    The Appraisal Notice Customization window is displayed.

    Note The combination of the year 2018 and the form titled Notice 2017 (users will have a choice to use Notice 2017 or Without Grid Notice 2017) will print the year 2018 on the notices.

    Appraisal Notice Procedures, Customizing App Notice Letter, 01, 8112x

    Tip If you make changes to the sections of text in the Appraisal Notice Customization window and decide that you would like to return the original text, use the Default buttons.

    1. If you want to print ceiling change warnings (described further in the Purpose section above) on notices for properties with new value, new exemptions, or transfer percentages, select Include ceiling change warning notice.
    2. To save any changes you have made, click Apply.
    3. Click either Preview or Print to review your changes.

      Note If there are any appraisal notice selections available, the system previews or prints a sample property from last year.

  4. If E-File is enabled on your system, use the following options as required:

    The E-File Form Customization window is displayed.

    Note If you are copying and pasting from a document, you must use CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste. Also, the document must be a txt file.

  5. In the Appraisal Notice Configuration Maintenance dialog box, review or change the Appraisal Review Board details.

    app notice

  6. In the Identification section, review or change the options that print a secondary ID in addition to the property ID on the appraisal notice.

    Note The system prints these additional IDs in the upper right area of the notice as well as above the owner's name and address, next to the property ID.

  7. Select Print Prior Year Values. The values are required to be printed by law.
  8. Select the following options as required:
  9. If you need to remove entities so that they do not appear on the appraisal notice, click Omit Entities.


    The Appraisal Notice Configuration Maintenance – Omit Entities dialog box is displayed.

  10. If you need to select state codes to be used to identify properties as eligible for a homestead exemption, click HB3630.


    Note PACS uses the state codes along with other criteria to identify properties that will receive appraisal notices with a printed explanation indicating that the owner may qualify for a homestead exemption.


The appraisal notice letter is ready to be used for printing purposes.