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Verifying the Creation of Appraisal Notice Events


Use this procedure to verify that appraisal notices events have been created and applied to the property records for which appraisal notices were printed.

Please review one property from each appraisal notice run to determine if events were created. By using the monitor described below, you can review a list of any properties for which appraisal notice printing events have not been created.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose File > Open > Monitors.

    The PACS Monitors dialog box is displayed.

  2. Right-click Appraisal Notice Event Monitor and choose Edit Query Details.

    The Edit Monitor dialog box is displayed.

    Appraisal Notice Procedures, Verifying App Notice Events, 01, 8112x

  3. In the query displayed in the Query or Stored Procedure pane, do one of the following:
  4. Set the minutes and seconds for the refresh rate.
  5. If you need to inactivate the option to sort columns in the Monitor Results column, select the Disable List Sort check box.
  6. Click Assign Users to select the users who will be able to view the monitor.
  7. Click OK to return to the PACS Monitors dialog box.
  8. Double-click Appraisal Notice Event Monitor to generate a list of any properties for which appraisal notice printing events have not been created.
  9. If any properties are displayed, contact True Automation Client Services with the list of property IDs.


    If you run the monitor and do not find events on the properties for the Appraisal Notice run, you can generate events now through a procedure separate from the print process. To do so, open the Appraisal Notice List by choosing Activities > Appraisal Notices > Appraisal Notice Maintenance, select an appraisal notice run, right-click on the run and choose Insert Events.

    Appraisal Notice Procedures, Appraisal Notice List, Insert Event, 8112x, 001

    When initially printing Appraisal Notices, events can be generated by choosing the Insert Event for Appraisal Notices option in the Print Appraisal Notices dialog box. For more information, see Printing Appraisal Notices. By using this option, you can reproduce a copy of the notice on demand from the Events tab on the property record. Note that when this option is selected, PACS creates an event even in Preview mode; that is, PACS creates an event each time you choose Preview.

Next Steps

You can right-click the monitor results and select either Copy All Rows to Clipboard or Copy Selected Rows to Clipboard so that you can copy and paste the results into a document or spreadsheet.