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Capturing ARB Submission Values


Important :This procedure is required by Sec 41.47 per HB 1887. You must capture these values to remain in compliance.

Use this procedure to verify the value gained or lost during preliminary hearings and the ARB process. This procedure captures data as of the last time you ran preliminary totals with the Calculate Entity Taxable Value check box selected. ARB submission values are needed for the Order Determining Protest.

Moreover, the values captured with this procedure can be used at a later time to produce totals.

These values are also displayed in the property record on the Roll History tab in the ARB Submission column. They are useful at a later time to identify any properties that have changed drastically in the period of time from Appraisal Notice Creation to Appraisal Certification.‑

Lock Properties Submitted to the ARB Option

If the Lock Properties Submitted to the ARB check box is selected (available under Tools > ARB Maintenance > System Settings), then you can modify property values only if one of the following conditions applies:


The preliminary totals have been run with the Calculate Entity Taxable Value check box selected. For more information, see Running Preliminary Totals.


  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose Activities > Appraisal Notices > Capture ARB Submission Values > Capture Values.

    A dialog box is displayed with a note reminding you that you need to have run the preliminary totals with the Calculate Entity Taxable Value check box selected.

  2. Select either All properties to capture values for all properties, or Query to capture values by using a query, and then click Capture Values.

    The Capture ARB Submission Values dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select all property types, and then click OK.

    A message is displayed indicating that the system is capturing the values.

    After processing is complete, you are prompted to preview or print the Recalculation Error Property List with information about properties with recalculation errors that were not captured.


You now have the required information for the ARB Order determining protests, and you can compare values before and after the ARB process in order to track the gains and losses during the ARB process.