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Quick Posting SIT Payments


Use this procedure to post special inventory tax (SIT) payments for one property after another in the same window.

You can use this feature when:

This feature is ideal:

Display for Quick Post SIT

After completing the fields in the Search and Additional Options sections for a property and clicking Submit, the system clears the sections so you can make entries for the next property.

The system displays lines in the bottom pane for each property record that you submit a payment for.


Sales have been entered.


  1. In PACS Collections, choose ActiSITies > Quick Post SIT.

    The Quick Post SIT Sale / Payment dialog box is displayed.

  2. In the Search section, enter the following property and payment information:

    Caution Caution Icon Before you carry out the next step, make sure you know the tax year applicable for the payment.

  3. In the Additional Options section, enter the tax year the payment should be credited to. Then, if you need to print a receipt, select Print Receipt and specify the number of copies to be printed.
  4. Click Change Batch to select a batch in which to post the payment.
  5. After you have verified that the files in the Search and Additional Options section contain the correct data, click Submit.

    SIT Processing, Quick Posting, 001, 8112x

  6. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for each property record that you need to submit a SIT payment for.

    Note Any information that remains the same from payment to payment (for example, the tax year or the batch) does not have to be changed.

  7. If you need to review or correct payment details, select the payment and click Details.
  8. If you need to remove a payment, click Remove.
  9. After you have verified that the data entered is correct, click Post.


If processing of the payment stalls after you click Post, your partner appraisal district may not have entered the sales declaration for the month that you're posting the payment for.