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Report Designer

Report Designer integrates Crystal Reports functionality with PACS, enabling users to gather, sort, and organize information, and then present that information in a customized report.

Report Designer is a billable module.

First, reports are built through Tools > Report Designer. After a report is saved and published, users can access the report through the Reports > Custom Reports menu.

Before you start designing a report, you must establish a connection to your data source. This may require you to set up a connection to the SQL Server through your machine's Control Panel. If you need help with this, contact your network administrator or contact True Automation for support.

Note Because Report Designer relies on Crystal Reports, advanced users and users with Crystal Reports experience will have the most success using this module.

Important Caution Icon Report Designer requires SQL Server 2005 or greater/newer.

In This Section

PDF File: Report Designer

Setting Up a New Report

Designing a Report

Saving and Publishing the Report

Maintaining Reports

Deleting and Unpublishing a Report

Copying or Importing a Report

Using the PACS Inbox