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Performing the Distribution


Use this procedure to distribute the monies collected through taxes and fees to the appropriate entities (or other recipients). You may distribute for some accounts daily, and others weekly or monthly.

Important If you collect a fee from the entities, PACS does not currently permit users to net out the fee from the amount being distributed. You must send the full collection amount to the payee and they return payment for your collections fee.

Additionally, penalty M&O and penalty I&S can not be netted out from the amount being distributed.

If you choose not to use PACS Distribution module, you can perform distributions based off of reports you generate.



  1. In PACS Collections, choose Activities > Daily Collections > Distribute.
  2. Use the arrows in the Batch Distribution Wizard code chooser to select those charts of accounts for which you are cutting checks or making ACH deposits.

    Balance Distribution, Batch Distribution Wizard, select accounts, 001

  3. Select the Exclude accounts with "0" balance or negative balance to automatically omit those accounts from the distribution.

    Note If you select the Exclude accounts with "0" balance or negative balance option, accounts fitting that description do not display in the next screen of the Wizard.

  4. After you have selected the necessary accounts, click Next to view the amounts to be distributed. The distribution is not performed.

    The accounts and amounts are displayed.

    Balance Distribution, Batch Distribution Wizard, distribution. 001

    Tip Click the Account column header to arrange the accounts according to account number sequence. Use the scroll bar to view M&O, I&S, Penalty, Interest, Attorney Fees, Overages, Tax Certificate Fees, and Miscellaneous Fee amounts.

  5. Review the data. If needed, compare the values displayed in the Batch Distribution Wizard with those displayed in the Tax Collections Activity Report, Fee Collections Activity Detail Report (shows fee types collected), & Tax Certificate Report, all run for the same date range for which you are distributing.
  6. To remove an account, highlight the account and click Remove. Or click Details to review the current, delinquent, and total amounts of M&O, I&S, Penalty, etc.
  7. To print checks in account number sequence, select the Print Check, enter the Starting Check Number for the displayed distributions and enter the time period you are distributing for in the check memo field. The memo prints on the check; the check number is stored in the distribution record.

    Note To print checks, load three-part check paper in your printer.

  8. When you are ready to distribute, click Finish.

    Note If checks do not print correctly, a message displays asking for confirmation that checks printed. From here, you have the option to restart with the check number of your choosing.