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Creating an Arbitration Case


Use this procedure to open an Arbitration case and record and/or edit information. When an application for a binding arbitration has been received from a taxpayer, a new arbitration record must be created.


The Arbitration - Edit user right is assigned to your ID. The following user rights may also apply:


  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose File > New > Arbitration.
  2. Verify and change the CAD # if necessary.
  3. Select the Year in which this arbitration case should exist. This is a required field.

    Note The arbitration case year must be equal to the associated ARB Protest case year.

  4. In the ARB Protest Cases section, click Add and use the Search ARB Protest Cases for Arbitration function to select the required case associated with the Arbitration. An ARB Protest case must be associated with the Arbitration.

    Note Once a Protest Case is added, the CAD #, Year, Type, Status, and Ref ID become read-only fields. The Arbitration # is formatted automatically by PACS as:(CAD #) (Last 2 digits of the Year) (Arbitration ID, 6 digits length).

    Arbitration Record, General, 001

  5. Complete the following fields in the General view as required:
  6. Complete the following fields in the Information view as required:
  7. Complete or review the following fields in the Value Summary view as needed:
  8. When you have finished creating, editing, and/or reviewing the arbitration record, click Apply to save the record. Click OK to save the record and close the record dialog box.