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Matching Imported Owner/Agent Data


Use this procedure to set up the mapping from data in your office's database to data being imported. With this procedure, you can override the configuration match mapping that was set up with the CAD Configuration feature.



  1. From the Appraisal Import List window, highlight the run ID, right-click and choose Match Imported Data.

    Owner Agent Import, Owner Agent Import Report, context Match, 001

    The Owner/Agent Import Match dialog box is displayed.

    Owner_Agent_Import_Owner Agent Import Match dialog, 001

  2. In the Configuration Match Mapping section, select an import field and then specify the PACS field to map to the import field.
  3. Click Match.

    The Owner/Agent Import Match Statistics dialog box is displayed.

    Owner Agent Import, Owner Agent Import Match Stats dialog, 001

  4. Select the item for which to generate a statistics report.
  5. Select Print or Preview to review the statistics report.