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Importing Owner/Agent Data


Use this procedure to import the following data from an appraisal district:


  1. In PACS Collections, choose File > Import > Appraisal Data.

    The Appraisal Import List is displayed.

  2. Right-click and choose New Owner/Agent Import.

    Appraisal Import List, New Import, context menu, 001

    The Owner/Agent Import dialog box is displayed.

    Owner Agent Import, Owner Agent Import dialog, 001

  3. Complete or review the following fields as required:
  4. Specify the file to be imported for each of the file types in the Import Files section:
    1. Select the OWNER_AGENT_HEADER.TXT file type and then click Browse to display the Open dialog box.
    2. Select the OWNER_AGENT_HEADER.TXT file from a shared network. For example:


      In the above file path, pacsserver is your server name and AppraisalImportData is the name of the folder where you saved the appraisal district's file on your computer.

      Note The system will not accept a file path beginning with a drive letter (for example, C: or D:). We recommend that you import from a server rather than a PC on a network.

    3. Repeat the steps above for the Owner/Agent Info file (with a name ending in _AGENT_OWNER.TXT).
  5. Click Import.
  6. You are prompted to acknowledge that the import is complete. Click OK.


Your import is displayed in the Appraisal Import List with the date and completion time stamp in the Import Status column.

Tip We recommend leaving the Appraisal Import List open. The following tasks begin from this window.