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Balancing Levy Totals


Use the following balancing procedure to confirm that the current year tax bills are accurate. If values are out of balance, taxpayer bills will show incorrect tax amounts.


  1. Balance levy totals for more than one Appraisal District. Add up all the Certified totals for all the Appraisal Districts you import for balance the overall total to the Levy Totals. Verify that Assessed Value and Taxable Value balance to the overall totals generated during the Certified Appraisal Import. For more information, see Balancing Adjusted Certified Totals in the Certified Appraisal Data Import guide.
  2. Use one of the three calculations listed to manually calculate the tax amount based on the Calculations listed on the next pages. Then compare the figures to the Total Levy that is listed on the Levy Roll.

    Caution Caution Icon If the calculations do not come within a small rounding margin, stop and contact True Automation's Client Services before proceeding further. If the rounding differences are acceptable within your office continue to Step 14.

For Entities That Do Not Grant Freezes