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Importing Building Permits


Use this procedure to import an Excel spreadsheet populated with Building Permit information into the PACS database. The import process consists of (1) downloading the basic spreadsheet from our Client Community website, (2) entering the building permit data into the spreadsheet, and then (3) importing that spreadsheet into PACS Appraisal.



  1. Navigate your web browser to the Client Community ( ) and proceed to the Downloads page.
  2. From the list of download options, click Transfer Layouts. Then click the link for 8.x.
  3. From the list of transfer layout documents, locate the file building_permits.xls . Click on the file name.

    Client Community Downloads partial, 003

    Tip For security reasons, some internet browsers may prevent you from downloading the file. If an information bar is displayed at the top of the browser window, you may be required to click on the bar, choose File Download Blocked > Download File, and then navigate to the Downloads page for Transfer Layouts 8.x a second time and reselect the file.

    Client Community Downloads, partial 002

  4. After clicking on the building_permit.xls file, the File Download window opens. Click Open.
  5. Save the opened spreadsheet file to your machine.

    Tip We recommend saving two copies of the file: One version without any of your modifications, and a second version for you to work in.

    Take note of the saved file's location. The location is needed to complete the import procedure.

  6. In your copy of the building permit spreadsheet, begin entering the building permit data in the appropriate cells. Save your work often.

    Tip The bldg_permit_accts column is for Property IDs.

  7. After you enter all the required data in the spreadsheet, do the following in Excel:
  8. Save the spreadsheet.

Next Steps

  1. In PACS Appraisal, choose File > Import > Building Permits.
  2. In the Building Permit Import dialog box, click Browse and navigate to the file location of the building permit spreadsheet.
  3. After selecting the spreadsheet to be imported, click Open.

    The Building Permits detailed in the spreadsheet are now staged for importing.

  4. To remove a Building Permit from the list, highlight the row and click Remove. You can also select multiple consecutive items by holding down the Shift key, or multiple non-consecutive rows by holding down the Ctrl key.

    Building Permit Import dialog, 001

  5. To change or add information to a Building Permit, click Details or double click the row in the Preview window.


  6. To finish the import process, click Import.

    Building Permits, Import dialog, Imported, 01

  7. Repeat the process to add more Building Permits from Excel spreadsheets.