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Scanning Renditions


Use this procedure to scan renditions that your office has received.


In PACS Appraisal, choose Activities > Quick Image Scan > Quick Image Rendition Received.

  1. Enter the property ID or geo ID with one of the following options:
  2. Complete the following fields or accept the selections for the following fields:

    Image Doc Mnmnt, rendition scan dialog, middle

  3. Choose Scan Image to begin scanning a new image, or choose Select Existing Images to browse for and select images that have already been scanned and saved to your machine or to the server.

    Note Although the file path displayed after scanning or selecting an image may specify a local folder on your machine, the application copies the image to the server when you click OK.

  4. Either click Scan to scan the image or click Browse to select an existing image.
  5. After the image is scanned or selected, if required, use the Preview or Remove buttons.
  6. To specify the image as the image to be displayed on the property record's Summary tab, select Main Image.
  7. Click OK.